How did we get here?

FitForLaunch was founded by Michael Armani, who had his first large-scale success after co-founding M3D, LLC, a 3D printing company.  M3D has raised over $20M to date, using platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Celery, and Shopify.  Hugely successful in the 3D printing field, M3D holds the record for most funds ever raised for a 3D-Printer related project, the 4th most funded technology project on Kickstarter, and holds the #1 sold 3D printers in the Americas*. 

While M3D was successful, many other projects in the design & technology space were not as fortunate.  In 2016 we saw over half of the most highly funded 3D printer projects fail to deliver, as well as other projects like drones and consumer products that seem relatively simple to produce.  So we started to study the reasons why some companies fail while others succeed.  We began to write the rules for predicting success and realized our predictions were very accurate.  Some of these rules include:
  • The estimated cost of goods sold in comparison to the asking price
  • The professionalism, writing tone, and attitude of the founders
  • Timing of the launch relative to the demands of the market
  • The estimated investment cost in R&D and marketing paid-in
  • The size of their customer base and marketing methodology
  • How long their price point will stay competitive
  • The amount of development cost remaining
  • Access to additional sources of funding, such as a big company backing, investment, or pre-orders

We came to appreciate the reason FitForLaunch is best suited to offer a crowdfunding platform with a delivery guarantee is because we are innovators of both products and business processes, ourselves!  Most crowdfunding companies are run as software companies and have never actually made a product.  The team at FitForLaunch is the poster child of crowdfunding success and can offer expert advice of how to create real products at scale that deliver to the market.  Realizing we could innovate the business model of crowdfunding and make it better, FitForLaunch was born.

*By number of units shipped, according to Context Market Reports.

Campaign Modes

  • Ramped Reveal

    Ramped Reveal projects are designed to allow the earliest possible access to new products from more established businesses. Ramped Reveal projects are debuted on FitForLaunch with limited information about the product and more information is revealed gradually as the projects get closer to delivery. For example, projects may first post photos, then videos, then host an open house and then third party or beta user reviews over a span of just a few weeks. 
    Ramped Revealed projects must have a proven prototype tested by fitforlaunch at the time of their launch and are required to have an accelerated manufacturing plan. 
    Because there is more certainty about the projects as they mature, the price increases accordingly. These projects increase in price daily. Ramped reveal projects must also have a predetermined and final retail selling price. Patent(s) pending.

More modes to be announced soon.