Updates: Open with Limited Capacity

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May 25, 2020 - 3:55 PM

Dear Backers,

Quick update on our status. We have begun to spool back up our assembly operations and are running in a limited capacity.  Crane backer orders have already started to ship again.  We have a lot of catch up to do, so we appreciate your patience and consideration.  Any previous estimates given are essentially delayed 2 months due to the closures.

M3D Team

New Covid Related Delay

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Mar 23, 2020 - 1:27 PM

Dear Backers,

Today by executive order, Maryland's Governor has announced that non-essential businesses shut down at 5PM to avoid the spread of Covid and to help delay a possible shelter at home order. While 3D printing is proving itself as an essential last resort production method during this crisis, we will close temporarily, halting all orders and most communications, pending further guidance.

We will reopen the business when we are told we can and all pending orders will be sent at that time.

We have already sought further guidance to interpret this order. We expect that we may reopen in a very limited capacity as hospitals and users have started to print personal protective gear using our machines, and the demand for some of our printers seems to exist for this application. These are obviously a priority, and this is a fantastic application of 3D printing. We only wish a noteworthy appreciation for printing emerged under better circumstances. We will do our duty to help protect our neighbors whether this means going home or working hard to produce 3D printed safety gear.

Additionally. The last and final delivery of crane parts that we have been waiting for has been delayed 15 days more than usual. We are told this is both because the products are coming from China and because they are routed through California customs, which is apparently backlogged and understaffed. This delay would deprive us of crane parts within a few weeks, if we remained at full capacity.

We expect the business to reopen in a few weeks unaffected thanks to the slow but steady delivery speed we put in place previously, which lowered overhead costs. We have the ability to restart with limited losses. That said, the state has promised that some funds will be available to help if needed too, though we doubt they'll be timely.

As everyone waits for their orders we encourage you to help with the growing crisis in any way you can. If you are at home, with a printer, and good engineering skill, we encourage you to get involved with some of these projects that we are aware of:

We appreciate your continued patience amid this outbreak, and we wish everyone the best. 

March 2020 Update

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Mar 17, 2020 - 11:54 AM

Dear Backers,

Here is a brief update on our state of production, deliveries, and preparedness in light of recent supply chain challenges. These challenges stem back to the start of new US trade renegotiations and then were compounded by a shut down in Chinese factory operations due to Covid-19, then a slow down when production resumed. Although fulfillment of cranes has been moving at a faster pace than ever, we are now also staring down our own possible slow down due to restrictions in the US as well.

As far as production and fulfillment of components to our US assembly locations, we have pushed through these challenges and have already received 83% to 100% of the components needed to deliver all backer cranes. As a reminder, this is in spite of heavy import taxation to the tune of $10,000s per shipment, for which we absorbed all costs by slowing down our operations slightly and necessarily allowing a small percentage of units to be sold direct (<10%). This strategy has paid off as our last shipment of parts is sitting in US customs today and expected to be released shortly, completing all the parts needed for all remaining backer deliveries.

In terms of preparedness for Covid-19, we are doing the best we can to cope like all other businesses. We are not special in this regard as there are many essential businesses delivering products necessary for daily life. However we realize that a 3D printer is a great way to learn, educate, and entertain during periods of self-isolation - aka lockdown - and will continue to do our best to deliver as fast as possible. Given that we are not an essential business, there is the possibility of businesses like ours being put on hold for several weeks to months as voluntary social distancing escalates from a suggestion towards a mandatory isolation requirement.

It is worth noting, based on our research, we do not believe there are any specific risks for our manufacturing process or our components in view of Covid-19 transmission, as it does not appear viruses are transmitted from dry surfaces on the time scale our products sit on shelves or in packages - a minimum of several days to weeks. We have not heard any concerns regarding this from our backers. Nevertheless we are following common sense procedures to ensure a clean environment and have always instructed staff with any suspected contagious illness to stay at home if the need arises. At this time we are still at full capacity and haven't hit any bumps in the road.

Finally, we are finishing up batches for US fulfillment with the biggest final push over the next 30 days, after which we will be at about 90% completed US fulfillment. After that we will turn our attention increasingly to international shipments. If you are in the US and did not receive our final shipment confirmation please message us through M3D support https://store.printm3d.com/pages/support 

As always thanks for you patience and support. We recognize these are trying times for the world and the economy, so stay positive and creative.

End-Of-Year Update

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Dec 19, 2019 - 1:42 PM

Dear Backers,

This update is to summarize our delivery progress and update the expected shipping timeline for orders that have not been fulfilled as of the end of 2019.

First thing first, you may remember the previously mentioned Hong Kong protests that made it very difficult to source parts inventory via our usual factory in China. As most of our supply chain operations run through Hong Kong, including sourcing, shipping, quoting, and inspections, Hong Kong disruptions caused a significant delay in printer parts and therefore printer assembly and delivery. While not without hiccups and slowdowns (due to Hong Kong protests, upcoming Chinese New Year, and holiday shipping volume & prices) we are excited to let you know that things are moving! We are closing on the recently released batch and scheduled the next 250 unit delivery to land so we can continue building and delivering even more units according to the updated schedule below.


Crane Bowden

Crane Dual

Crane Quad

IMPORTANT: If you ordered from a batch that is marked FINISHED but have not received your printer, please make sure to complete your shipping payment:

If you have already completed this step but have not heard from us, please email us at info@printm3d.com for assistance so we can look into your order as soon as possible.

Please also be sure to check your Inbox, Spam and Promotions emails in case you missed our address verification request that we send approximately 1-4 weeks before your scheduled delivery date to inform that your order is ready for shipping. We encourage keeping a close eye on your Inbox (Spam and Promotions folders as well) so you do not miss our communication. You will receive an email from M3D (info@printm3d.com) titled "ACTION REQUIRED: Your M3D Crane Order" that will include two links to 1. check and 2. confirm that your information is up to date. This is where you will also be able to record your preference in the rare event that an item in your order is no longer available.


As we are working through our assembly lines, we have also been making small improvements, such as:

A lot has been accomplished this year and we will be developing even more products to improve your color 3D printing experience in 2020. The end of 2019 marks a 50% fulfillment rate for Crane backer pre-orders and we've done our best to get as many of your units out as possible before the holidays as we could.


We collected the most frequently asked delivery questions & concerns from the past couple of months to better explain what is going on behind the scenes. 

Our direct Crane Quad offering, as well as any Christmas deals, are a relatively small fraction of total units going out. New sales help us maintain and support day-to-day operations that include QC, packaging, shipping, customer support etc. so we can continue running the business and fulfilling backer orders without major disruptions. New sales help us dedicate more man hours to the production and assembly of Cranes and delivering more backer orders as a result. M3D does not hold back any profit from these sales and all funds get reinvested back into your deliveries.

Comments on FitForLaunch campaigns are enabled during the pre-order process and ours has now been closed. Now that pre-orders have ended and are actively shipping, the best way to contact us is either via the “Contact Creator” button here on FitForLaunch, by emailing info@printm3d.com or through our website at https://store.printm3d.com/pages/contact. Having a centralized system for all inquiries helps us assist all customers better and faster, and we thank you for your understanding in this matter.

As a reminder, batch sizes vary greatly, and while we understand how eager everyone is to get their 3D printers, we are unable to specify individualized delivery dates for each order, i.e. a queue. We have evaluated the possibility and do not see such a system to be feasible at this current time. The bottom line is that it takes too much resource allocation away from production to maintain due to factors such as address verification, people changing delivery addresses, making specific requests, add-on availability, shipping location, etc. Please kindly wait for the posted delivery deadlines before inquiring about the status of your order as these are the absolute best estimates and information we can provide at this time.

If you would like to have a guaranteed delivery date or priority shipping, the only way we are able to give select orders priority is via the Eager Enthusiast batch upgrade. We have to treat all backers equally and will not prioritize orders in response to promises of positive or negative feedback. To make the upgrade more accessible to those of you who’d like to get your orders sooner, we recently brought the Eager Enthusiast price back down to $100. Here is where you can add the upgrade:

If you decide not to upgrade, we would like to reassure you that our team is working diligently to get all of your orders fulfilled as quickly as possible across all tiers.

If you recently upgraded to the Eager Enthusiast batch and have not received your shipping notification yet, please contact us at info@printm3d.com for assistance.


In the effort to get your orders shipped sooner, some users were offered gift cards and replacements for the out of stock CMYK filament. Due to high demand, we want to make sure that you get first dibs on the restock of the CMYK Color-Calibrated PETG (ABS-R) 3D Ink® Bundle:


We recommend shopping early before the restock is announced to the public next week as this bundle sells fast. If you placed a store.printm3d.com order while this item was on backorder, your purchase has already been shipped.

Thank you everyone for your patience & continued support, and happy holidays!

Best regards,

Team M3D

Crane Parts Have Arrived! Production & Shipping Continue 📦

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Oct 10, 2019 - 3:21 PM

Dear Backers,

This short update is to announce that we have received the delayed Crane parts, so our production & shipping successfully resumed earlier this week. The team is hard at work preparing your Eager Enthusiast order upgrades, as well as Crane Quad batches 1 & 2 as quickly as they can. Other deliveries remain on schedule as posted in September:

Crane Bowden

Crane Dual

Crane Quad

Last but not least, all Crane to QuadFusion trade-in requests have been processed, opening up new spots to everyone who would like to switch their orders to the revolutionary QuadFusion print head and electronics in lieu of the Crane 3D printer. If interested, please see our previous updates for additional details and fill out the interest form to register your preference.

Thank you!

Best regards,

Team M3D

Alternative Fulfillment Options

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Sep 27, 2019 - 5:48 PM

Dear Backers,

We are excited to announce that we were able to accommodate Crane Quad to QuadFusion Trade-In requests submitted earlier this month and have open spots for more interested backers to update their orders, now including Crane Bowden and Dual backers whose inquiries will be considered on a case by case basis. Below is a quick recap of the alternative fulfillment offers in case you missed our previous update:

OPTION 1: Crane to QuadFusion Trade-In Offer (Limited Quantities Available)

We recognize that many of you supported the Crane 3D printer campaign due to the interest in the innovative QuadFusion technology. As there are currently no delays for the QuadFusion print head itself, we would like to offer anyone interested a trade-in of replacing your undelivered Crane 3D printer order with the QuadFusion print head, Duet 2 Maestro control board, the breakout board, and cables instead (estimated $454 retail value). 

You can request a transfer from your original Crane Quad 3D printer pledge to the QuadFusion print head and electronics using the following link:


Once reviewed, we will send you an email to confirm your trade-in details.

OPTION 2: Eager Enthusiast Upgrade

As a reminder, another fulfillment option that we continue to offer is the Eager Enthusiast Upgrade. We charge extra for the Eager Enthusiast in order to compensate for the increase in shipping costs and taxes, and this is the only way that allows us to give select Crane orders priority.

Here is how you can upgrade:

Due to the delay with the shipment of some Crane parts (mentioned in our previous update), new Eager Enthusiast upgrades are estimated to be processed in early to mid-October when we resume shipping. The discounted $100 Eager Enthusiast upgrade price will be available for a limited time only and will go up to $150 on September 30th, 2019.


Any trade-in and upgrade offers presented above are strictly optional and have been introduced by popular request. Whether you choose to upgrade/trade-in or not, we are dedicated to getting all Crane tiers and batches delivered to you as soon as we are able. Please refer to our previous update posted on September 11th for additional delivery information.

Thank you everyone for your continued support!

Best regards,

Team M3D

New Delivery Schedule and Trade-In Option

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Sep 11, 2019 - 2:03 PM

Dear Backers,

A lot has happened within the past two months since our last update. Today we will address a new shipping timeline and reasons behind it, as well as a new trade-in option to get your orders faster.


First thing first, we’ve made significant progress in the delivery of all Crane batches that were shipping or preparing to ship according to our previous update, but a number of factors beyond our control are pushing the delivery at least 30-60 days back. This puts us at the following timeline:

Crane Bowden

Crane Dual

Crane Quad

Please remember that batch sizes vary greatly, and while we understand how eager everyone is to get their 3D printers, we are unfortunately unable to specify individualized delivery dates for each order, i.e. a queue. This is the only timeline we are able to provide when you contact us.


Our largest cause of delay continues to be the supply chain. This includes, but is not limited to:

All of these risks and the perception of potential restrictions have caused chaos at our usual shipping ports and made our preferred shipping supplier in Hong Kong no longer accessible to us. We had to setup a new shipping partner in Shanghai, requiring delicate change to business processes. In the interest of the company’s future and the delivery of your orders, we were forced to move very cautiously and appreciate your understanding in this matter. 

The good news is that we were able to scramble resources and invest recent sales profits to arrange the shipment and release the boat with our previously ordered parts. As of today, the parts and shipping costs have been paid for and are on their way to us, meaning we should soon be able to resume the production of all Crane 3D printers and delivery according to the schedule posted above. To those of you looking to get your orders faster, we recommend considering alternative fulfillment options posted below.


OPTION 1: *NEW* Crane Quad to QuadFusion Trade-In Offer (Limited Quantities Available)

We recently completed the delivery of all standalone print head rewards from its respective Kickstarter and FitForLaunch campaigns and have enough stock of parts to continue building the QuadFusion from scratch out of our headquarters in Maryland, USA.

We recognize that many of you supported the Crane 3D printer campaign due to the interest in the innovative QuadFusion technology.

As there are currently no delays for the QuadFusion print head itself, we would like to offer anyone interested a trade-in of replacing your undelivered Crane Quad order with the QuadFusion print head, Duet 2 Maestro control board, the breakout board, and cables instead ($454 retail value). Please read the notes below carefully:

  • The QuadFusion print head utilizes the same mixing technology as can be seen with the Crane Quad, and allows to upgrade most third party 3D printers like Ender 3, Creality CR-10, Prusa i3, Makerbot Replicator 2, etc. to a color machine capable of creating over 50,000 custom colors.

Color wheel example 3D printed by the Crane Quad backer Joshua R. Taylor with M3D's PETG (ABS-R) CMYK filament.

  • CMYK filament is not required. Just like all M3D printers, the QuadFusion head is compatible with 1.75mm filament from your favorite supplier - while our Color-Calibrated CMYK line is recommended for optimal mixing results, you are welcome to use any other colors as long as you are mindful of their impact on the final result. 
  • QuadFusion installation is a DIY project. Installation may require custom mounts, electronics, and wiring not provided by M3D. Please see the Supported Printers page for available compatibility & installation instructions that we were able to provide for select printers to give you an idea of what this task will entail. M3D is unfortunately unable to assist with installing the QuadFusion on your machine; custom guides or individual training will not be provided. 

If you would like to request a transfer from your original Crane Quad 3D printer pledge to the QuadFusion, Duet 2 Maestro, and the breakout board, please fill out the following interest form: 



  • This form will put you on a waiting list and we will notify you by email when we are ready to accept and send your trade-in request. 
  • Due to limited inventory, only a limited number of trade-in requests can be accommodated and submissions will be processed on the first come, first served basis. We expect to process and ship at least 10 pledge trade-ins this month.
  • This trade-in offer is the same for all Crane Quad backers regardless of the price paid. If you paid less for your Crane Quad 3D printer than the trade-in value, we will not charge extra to take advantage of this offer. If you paid more for your Crane Quad 3D printer than the trade-in value, we will not be able to refund the remaining balance. The value is based on the average price paid for all campaign rewards and cannot be adjusted to accommodate individual orders. 

This trade-in offer is currently for the Crane Quad backers only. Depending on the interest, we may extend a similar offer for Bowden and Dual backers in the future, so please stay tuned!

OPTION 2: Eager Enthusiast Upgrade

As a reminder, another fulfillment option that we continue to offer is the Eager Enthusiast Upgrade. We charge extra for the Eager Enthusiast in order to compensate for the increase in shipping costs and taxes, and this is the only way that allows us to give select Crane orders priority.

Here is how you can upgrade:
Due to the delay with Crane parts shipments, new Eager Enthusiast upgrades are estimated to ship within 3-4 weeks. The discounted $100 upgrade price will be available for a limited time only and will go up to $150 later this month to account for the increased import cost.

Direct Crane Quad and CMYK filament orders from store.printm3d.com are currently on hold until late September - early October as well.


Any trade-in and upgrade offers presented above are strictly optional and have been introduced by popular request. Whether you choose to upgrade/trade-in or not, we are dedicated to getting all Crane tiers and batches delivered to you as soon as we are able.

Thank you for your patience and continued support as always.

Best regards,
Team M3D

New Quad Nozzles Are NOW IN STOCK!

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Jul 5, 2019 - 4:11 PM

Dear Backers,

As you may remember from our previous update, we have introduced a brand new 4th edition Mk4 style nozzle. It will be scaled up on all QuadFusion heads and the Crane Quad 3D printer starting this month and the 0.35mm Mk4 Quad nozzles will become our new standard to be shipped with your orders.

Those of you who have already received your Quad machines can order the new Mk4 nozzles directly from store.printm3d.com. Hope you'll enjoy them!

IMPORTANT: These new nozzles are longer and sharper than the previous style. This means that if you replace an old nozzle, it may start digging into the bed slightly. The Z height must be re-calibrated after a nozzle change before use!

Best regards,

Team M3D

Delivery Progress and New Nozzle Announcement

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Jun 17, 2019 - 4:58 PM

Dear Backers,

As more and more users are receiving their Cranes, we are taking notice of the growing anticipation within the community and a larger than usual volume of delivery-related questions (to which you can find answers in this update). Your requests are all very much heard and we would like to centralize all information that is currently available to us here.


We are very hard at work to get your Cranes shipping as soon as we are able. We are right at 25% of all backer orders shipped within the past few months which means hundreds of Cranes have been delivered to date! In our prior several product launches, this percentage of fulfillment lined up with the peak delivery rate. We anticipate getting to 75% fulfillment in 4-5 months if we keep the current rate.

Pictured: Our M3D loading dock on a typical weekday.

Naturally this has many of you asking, "what about mine" more than at any other time during the product life cycle.  We are doing our absolute best to shift resources to produce and deliver units quickly. This leaves us less time to offer personalized responses, causing even more eager messages. Rest assured we are shipping more units than ever and like in our other campaigns we will eventually get to you. We have also used our resources to maintain and improve quality across the board during this time.

On video: After hours Crane Quad super-tuning.

While we have delivered hundreds of Cranes, hundreds more yet remain. For the minority of people who message us multiple times daily for information or those who make demands with hostility, it only further delays our progress and no new information will be available. Our policy is firm, out of fairness to everyone that we do not prioritize deliveries based on message content. We will get to your delivery based on your current delivery batch order.

To that end, the same people answering your requests also work on your deliveries and on making Cranes.  Therefore, the more we focus on production and less on individual or special requests, the faster we will deliver your units. This has proven effective during the last few weeks and we hope to keep it this way.

As a reminder, batch sizes vary greatly, and while we understand how eager everyone is to get their 3D printers, we are unable to specify individualized delivery dates for each order, i.e. a queue. We have evaluated the possibility and do not see such a system to be feasible at this current time. The bottom line is that it takes too much resource allocation away from production to maintain due to factors such as address verification, people changing delivery addresses, making specific requests, add-on availability, shipping location, the recent import tax situation, etc, it changes too often.  It has proven much more efficient to hunker down and focus on maximizing delivery volume and production quality.  So that is where our focus will remain for the next few months and then it will shift more towards technical support.

We have an updated delivery timeline for you below that we find feasible given the recent lift in production but also taking into account the fact that our estimates were missed before.  We want to do better so we are taking a leap on how we make estimates by including much more buffer room than before:

Crane Bowden
  • Batch 1 - FINISHED 🎉
  • Batch 2 - FINISHED 🎉
  • Batch 3 - IN PROGRESS
  • Batch 4 & Market Ready - delivery expected to start in summer and complete fulfillment by end 2019
Crane Dual
  • Batch 1 - IN PROGRESS
  • Batch 2 - getting ready for shipping, please keep an eye on your inbox for our “Ready to Ship” email to confirm your shipping address
  • Batch 3 - delivery expected in Summer/Fall 2019
  • Batch 4 & Market Ready - delivery expected to start in Fall, complete fulfillment by the end of 2019
Crane Quad
  • Batch 1 - IN PROGRESS (this is the largest batch and has been ongoing)
  • Batch 2 - getting ready for shipping in Fall, please keep an eye on your inbox for our “Ready to Ship” email to confirm your shipping address
  • Batch 3 - delivery expected to start in fall and finish by the end of 2019
  • Batch 4 & Market Ready - delivery expected to start in Winter and finish by the end of 2019

As initially mentioned in our previous update, the new and heavily increased import taxes led us to consider alternatives to keeping from having to add extra charges, as many others in the industry have passed on the taxes to people who already paid for product. We remind you that by selling Cranes at a retail price in stock, we have been able to subsidize lower priced backer printers. This has proven successful and as a result has increased the resale value of your own backed Crane. So we remind everyone that this was a very calculated and purposeful plan that benefits all.

We also considered manufacturing and shipping your Cranes assembled from factories overseas.  This is falling out of favor because the retail in stock printer subsidy has worked out so far, whereas quality control has proven difficult overseas. It would also take time to arrange and could potentially push the deliveries back further.

Another option we are considering is shipping the printers separately from accessories, and possibly shipping from different locations worldwide to help speed up printer deliveries.  All of these factors could have a significant impact on the delivery schedule and are being carefully considered on an ongoing basis. 

We will update you as more information becomes available, for the time being we do not want to promise things which may end up being beyond our control. What we can promise, however, is that delivery is our primary focus and the team is working diligently to get everyone their orders as quickly as possible. 

Pictured: End of the day production prep ready for shipping.


Taking feedback across all of our product lines, and mainly the Promega Compound Mk1 (flat), Mk2 (metal insert), & Mk3 (pointy tip + metal insert), we have designed a brand new 4th edition Mk4 style nozzle, to be scaled up on all Quadfusion heads (Crane Quads) and to be the new standard for all orders (direct and backer orders) come early July. 

  • This new nozzle will be available for the Quad head only (i.e. compatible with the Crane Quad, Promega Quad head, and the QuadFusion head).
  • It includes the metal insert, pointier tip (but not as pointy as Mk3), and a chamfer on the inside. The chamfered inside adds volume to the mixing chamber to increase flow, but has minimal impact on color changes or mixing.
  • Bridging and top surfaces are much cleaner and more controlled.
  • More distance to the hot block allows for better temperature control and keeps the blocks cleaner.
  • Increases overall flow rate, allows better tuning to give better consistency in general.
Usage Tips:
  • With pointy stainless steel nozzles temperatures will have to be increased substantially,  Expect to adjust them at least 5C over your prior settings.
  • As with all our direct drive mixing printheads, retraction must be limited to 1/4 what you would need on a similar Bowden setup - use 2mm total retraction and F300 speed as a starting point for your reprime settings. This prevents grind through over long term prints due to back pressure competition.
  • It’s better to have the nozzle too far from the bed rather than too close.
The new Mk4 for Crane Quad will soon be available for purchase from store.printm3d.com in 0.35mm ($25) and 0.5mm ($28) diameters, so please be sure to keep an eye out later this month!


Last but not least we are excited to announce that our User Print Contest has been extended until August 31st so more of you lucky Crane 3D printer owners can participate. The gallery is updated on a monthly basis, so it may take time for your submissions to be processed and posted, but you can continue to add as many as you’d like. We wish everyone the best of luck and look forward to seeing your creations in the coming months!

Best regards,
Team M3D

May Update and News

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May 15, 2019 - 4:58 PM

Dear Backers,

Some of you have expressed concerns that the United States has recently raised taxes on certain imports by 25%. We have confirmed that this includes 3D printers and most of their parts and accessories. With M3D having invested in many parts upfront and selling its products with low margins, this has the potential to affect our business in a big way. We have to import bulk shipment of parts to the US and doing business as usual we may need to pay taxes in large amounts.


Alternatively, another option we are considering is to get your printers fully assembled and ship directly from China because this may allow you to have control of your invoices (i.e. there may be exemption limits for individuals that a business can't take advantage of), however this would mean that we will have to split your printer and add-ons into separate shipments. 

At this time the numerical affect is still uncertain, so in the short term we will slow down new part shipments to conduct tests and determine the real impact, as we have enough inventory to keep deliveries unaffected for some time.

A third option is that we hope to be able to sustain product prices and avoid charging extra for 3D printers, parts or accessories primarily with the help of new sales and customers. If you have not already, be sure to read through our previous updates where we explain how new sales help the community grow and subsidize the discounts off the retail price that we were able to offer to early pre-orders. In line with this decision we have stopped taking new pre-orders at the $699 price because they were nearly at cost and could no longer be justified with the newly increased import tax. 

Here is where the new sales will come from:

1) We are officially putting the Crane Quad in stock at store.printm3d.com at a retail price of $999 that already includes a buffer for the import tax increase. New orders will be shipping in 2 business days (exclusions may apply) and will show the world that the Crane Quad technology is as real and as capable as it looks to be. 🌈

Check out our most recent video of the Crane Quad in action below, as well as the user print gallery with submissions from M3D and your fellow Crane backers.

See more at https://store.printm3d.com/pages/prints

We are proud to see all the work and knowledge that Quad users have acquired and shared with one another to achieve and replicate such beautiful results.

2) We know it can be hard waiting for your exciting new printer, so we want to offer you all the chance to get yours faster and at the most affordable price! For a limited time, we are decreasing the upgrade to the Eager Enthusiast batch price to $100 (previously $199). Please remember that this is the only way we are able to give select Crane orders priority while keeping in line with our policy of offering the lowest prices to those willing to wait longer. 

Additionally, this means that you will receive one of the units that we imported earlier and already have in stock.

Here is how you can upgrade to faster delivery:

Other batches continue shipping per the schedule & process posted in the previous update.

At M3D we believe in full transparency and being upfront and honest with you with regard to our business decisions and how we come to them. We hope that this update clarifies why the Crane Quad is now in stock and how this helps us honor the originally posted accessory and part prices to benefit the rest of your orders.

Thank you for your support as always and please stay tuned for further updates!

Best regards,
Team M3D

🌈 Happy 1 Year Anniversary & Status Update

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Apr 25, 2019 - 2:12 PM

Thank you everyone for supporting us and joining M3D on its road to innovation! 1 year ago we launched not one, but FIVE new products to forever change the industry and the way you 3D print with the QuadFusion four-filament mixing extruder, the Crane Bowden and Crane Dual 3D printers, the Crane Quad color 3D printer, and the Duet 2 Maestro control board.

We are now excited to announce that THIS FITFORLAUNCH CAMPAIGN IS OFFICIALLY ENDING ON MAY 10, 2019! 🌈 If you or your friends are looking to pre-order the Crane Quad at $699, you only have a few days left to do so. After May 10th, the Crane Quad will be available for purchase from store.printm3d.com at a $999 price point only. 

We are excited to also share that we have FINISHED the shipping of some Crane batches since the last update and made huge progress on a few others. We look forward to completing the delivery of your pre-orders this Summer and a more detailed schedule will be posted after the campaign is finished. Current batch statuses and delivery plans are as follows:

Crane Bowden

Crane Dual

Crane Quad

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you ordered from a batch that is marked FINISHED but have not received your printer, please make sure to complete your shipping payment:

  1. Login to your FitForLaunch account - https://fitforlaunch.com/login;
  2. Go to “My Contributions” - https://fitforlaunch.com/backer/projects/manage;
  3. Look for the “Complete Order” button.

As it's been some time since your original campaign orders have been placed, we recognize that some of you may need to update shipping information we have on file. This is why starting April 2019, we will contact you via email to inform when your order is ready for shipping (please white-list info@printm3d.com to make sure you do not miss this communication!). You will receive an email from M3D titled "ACTION REQUIRED: Your M3D Crane Order" that will include two links to 1. check and 2. confirm that your information is up to date. This is where you will also be able to record your preference in the rare event that an item in your order is no longer available. We plan demand and inventory very carefully for your orders, so out of stocks are not expected. This question is a precautionary measure so we do not need to contact you later should an unexpected delay arise.

Thank you & happy printing!

Best regards,

Team M3D

Impact On Deliveries

Posted By: M3D LLC - View: public

Mar 29, 2019 - 7:34 PM

Dear backers,

We have received some inquiries regarding this campaign’s tier structure and upgrade options, and would like to address some of the most frequently asked questions.


The most common question asked is about our ability to offer existing and new customers fast delivery at a higher price. We make these offers in limited quantities from time to time as a promotion and only when the numbers show it will have zero to negative impact on the overall timetable. These new funds are used solely to further our mission to give you the best possible products and deliver them as soon as possible.

Literally 100% of our margin is reinvested into the company to improve the processes including, but not limited to, hiring new workers for the Crane lines, improving customer and technical support, subsidizing product improvements (such as the recently announced UnBound printbed sheet upgrade that you will be receiving free of charge), not up-charging on the additional duties incurred due to the US-China trade changes, adding new management structures, putting in place additional quality control processes, and working on better repair/warranty/RMA offerings, all of which have very significant costs. Additionally, the more users participate in the Crane project, the more aggregate knowledge, refinement, tech support, and success everyone (including yourself) will have. Thus any new sales and funds we receive allow us to speed up the timetable and improve the overall quality of your experience, despite us adding a few extra spots to the shipping queue.

We understand that these facts may not be immediately obvious which is why we wanted to ask you to kindly consider them when you comment or engage with other users and community members. Everyone has a different skill level and experiences with 3D printing, and we want to encourage you to be kind and welcoming to all members of the M3D family, new and old. We are all in this together and very much appreciate those who recognize the extreme effort and complex strategies that go into making new products as a small local business competing on a global scale.  


Now that the QuadFusion and Cranes are in the hands of about 500 users combined, this is a good time to reflect on how we have taken great risks and created some amazing relationships to impact the worlds of Open Source and 3D Printing to make color a possibility. Before the QuadFusion printhead was available, very few software,  firmware, or electronics options existed for color 3D printing - that’s because there was no standard platform for color-mixing that developers could even try to write the code for. These things are still in development, however they have come a long way if we look back over the last few months.

Thanks to the great team at Voxelizer and feedback & support from community members like you, software focusing on the Crane Quad 3D printer (as well as dozens of updates) have gone out, allowing the Crane to become the first open source compatible platform that has access to relatively inexpensive advanced software for color-mixing. There are of course numerous other developments worth mentioning, including the Duet Maestro, RepRapFirmware, color-calibrated mixing filaments, user scripts, custom slicer add-ons, and other influencers in the industry working together and in parallel to make 2019 the year of color 3D printing. We’ll cover these in future updates, but in the meantime we encourage you to remember that open source systems can only be improved with feedback and follow-through by the community to improve those systems.

We would also like to ask that when you receive and enjoy your printers, please spread the word about the innovation that went into the Crane Quad and QuadFusion technology, and help us get more people to join in on the cause and better it. At least for the entire remainder of 2019, 100% of proceeds from sales will continue going into improving M3D’s operations and giving back to the 3D printing and open source communities as a whole in the form of better innovative products, support, and documentation contributions. Like many tech leaders, M3D realizes this and is ready to make no profit for years to come in furtherance of leadership and innovation in the industry. What we do is a labor of love, and we see huge possibilities building on these achievements in the future. 


Last but not least, March is our birthday month (M3D is turning 6!) and we have been treating customers to weekly deals on different products. If you have already received your Crane 3D printer and have a friend or colleague that just won’t quit asking to borrow it, we would like to extend you a friends & family discount code to share - they can use an “EAGER_ADOPTER” coupon code to save $225 off the $999 Eager Enthusiast Crane Quad at store.printm3d.com. Have them join in on the fun and celebrate with us! As an added bonus, you will have a 3D printing buddy with a Crane Quad and can help each other learn the new machine together ;) This offer will be active until April 7th, 2019 or while supplies last. Very limited quantities available.

Thank you as always for your continued support and interest in our products.

Best regards,
Team M3D

New Delivery Timeline & Upgrade Options

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Mar 13, 2019 - 3:55 PM

Dear backers,

Our M3D team is going through some important restructuring and reorganization internally and this has slightly affected some operations and timelines.


We are completely focused on deliveries, however, despite our successful experience with 7 product lines to date, we found that producing cutting edge technology often necessitates delay. Therefore, we have a new estimated delivery schedule to share with you: 

Crane Bowden

Crane Dual

Crane Quad

We would appreciate that while you wait, you recognize that your contribution and our push to make this hardware is essentially creating a brand new industry. Our journey started when software like Voxelizer did not have a machine like the Crane Quad, and we successfully (with your support), took on the risk to develop global partnerships (with Duet3D for electronics in the UK, Voxelizer for software in Poland, production for parts in China, and design/final assembly/QC in the USA) to enable users and developers alike.


In the effort to help build and deliver your rewards faster, we chose to heavily shift technical support team members to help with production and quality control processes. This was a very popular suggestion among backers in the excitement to receive their order sooner (and we totally understand!).

We also decided to restructure our customer support process and are looking into the possibility of outsourcing this portion of our operations to service centers. While the team is figuring out the logistics of such change, we ask for your patience with any outstanding tech inquiries or RMA requests. 

While we are figuring out a support solution that would improve user experience and response times for all Crane backers, everyone who already got a printer will receive 3 extra warranty months free of charge so that time does not count against your existing coverage. This will be recorded on our end with accordance to each printer’s serial number and no further action is needed from you. By the time Batch 3 users receive their Crane 3D printers, we expect to have a streamlined servicing solution in place. We are also preparing a very extensive troubleshooting self-help chart to help you learn the Crane at your own pace in the meantime.

Our standard manufacturer’s warranty starts on the day that your backer order is delivered and lasts 3 months. Additional warranty options are available for purchase during the FitForLaunch checkout process or from our main store.


We are unable to prioritize delivery on a case by case basis, however in order to give all backers fair and equal treatment, we encourage those of you with an urgent need for a 3D printer to take advantage of the following upgrade options and receive the order faster than the estimated time frame:


  1. Login to your FitForLaunch account - https://fitforlaunch.com/login;
  2. Go to “My Contributions” - https://fitforlaunch.com/backer/projects/manage;
  3. Look for “Complete Order” or “Add Items” button.

You can continue to add items and purchasing upgrades until your order is ready to ship. If you have any questions or need help with your backer checkout, please send us an email to checkouts@printm3d.com.


Thank you for your continued support towards M3D. We would like to reassure you again that our team is working diligently to get all of your orders fulfilled as quickly as possible and find a support solution that will be able to provide you better and faster help. If you can think of any particular technical service provider or a 3D printing shop in your area, please drop us a note at https://store.printm3d.com/pages/contact and we will look into the possibility of working with them.

Best regards,
Team M3D

Instructions & Service Reminder 🌈

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Feb 7, 2019 - 3:26 PM

Dear backers,

We are excited to announce that deliveries are still underway according to the previously posted schedule (please see our Manufacturing & Timeline Update from January 16th). With more and more of you receiving your Crane 3D printers, we want to quickly remind you to take a close look at all warnings and instructions posted at crane.printm3d.com. We understand that many of you have prior experience with 3D printers, however the Crane is an innovative machine like no other and needs to be treated as such ;)

For example, we've seen a couple of users having difficulties with the setup of their 3D printer when they simply didn't read the instructions telling them to install the SD card into the SD card slot prior to getting started. The Crane series of printers are unique in that they are built with a Duet 2 Maestro board. The Duet board uses the information on the SD card to operate, in a sense the SD card that goes in the slot on the Duet acts like its hard drive. Please take a few minutes to read the instructions, we cannot emphasize their importance enough.

Another reminder is we have to ask that you contact our technical support team if you have any questions or need assistance with the setup of your Crane 3D printer. Please do not service your 3D printer without consulting M3D first - we wouldn't want you to spend time and money to order incorrect or unneeded parts, not to mention that you may be eligible for a discount due to warranty. You can reach us using the following form:


Thank you, and we look forward to seeing what you will create! Stay tuned for a print contest and user reviews in the coming months!

Best regards,

Team M3D

Manufacturing & Timeline Update

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Jan 16, 2019 - 1:52 PM

Dear backers,

This update is dedicated to those of you who are waiting for your Crane Quad 3D printers. We will be posting another update in a few weeks that highlights software, instructions, and our upcoming print contest for existing Crane users as more and more backers receive their units.

Manufacturing: Over the last few months, we have been receiving more orders than we expected. In order to help speed up our assembly times, we will be utilizing more partner locations to prepare the parts and sub-assemblies for your printers. This should allow us to deliver your Cranes faster. Final assembly, QC & tuning will still be done by our main production team.

    Introducing the UnBound™: UnBound™ is a glass fiber print sheet, M3D’s newest print surface upgrade which was created to optimize your 3D printing experience. It is a glass fiber composite with a surface chemistry and roughness ideal for all popular printing materials, and it is our recommended surface for both better adhesion and removal of prints. Other benefits of the UnBound™ include the following:

    1. Bonds extremely well at temperature, NO glue or spray needed whatsoever;
    2. Is very forgiving of bed height level difference;
    3. Peels off the printbed easily when cooled;
    4. Flexible for removing the toughest prints;
    5. Resistant to damage from nozzle digging in;
    6. Long lasting and does not need to be replaced as frequently; one sheet should last a typical user close to 6-12 months.

    The best news? All existing unfulfilled Crane 3D printer shipments will be upgraded to come with the UnBound™ glass fiber print sheet instead of the regular sheet FREE OF CHARGE as a thank you for your patience with the wait!

    To address the most popular questions we've received so far:

    To summarize, we have 3 different types of print sheets available for Crane 3D printers:

    1. Black adhesive print sheets (previous standard) which are all polymeric and can deform under heat or pressure; 
    2. Glass print beds (optional add-on) which have no polymeric components so they have the greatest longevity and can handle high heat;
    3. and now the UnBound™ print sheets (new standard) which are held with clips and have a resin-glass composite matrix so they're more resilient to nozzle damage, but still have a polymeric component that acts like a adhesive when heated.

    Updated shipping timeline & checkout invitations: please see our new estimated delivery schedule below:

    Crane Bowden
    • Batch 1 is expected to be completely fulfilled by the end of February
    • Batch 2 - by mid-March
    • Batch 3 - by the end of April
    • Batch 4 & Market Ready - by the end of May
    Crane Dual
    • Batch 1 is expected to be completely fulfilled by mid-April
    • Batch 2 - by the end of April
    • Batch 3 - by mid-May
    • Batch 4 & Market Ready - by the end of May
    Crane Quad
    • Batch 1 orders that opted for both pre-installed clear PC wheels and super tuning are expected to be completely fulfilled by mid-February
    • Remaining Batch 1 - by mid-March
    • Batch 2 - by the end of April
    • Batch 3 - by mid-May
    • Batch 4 & Market Ready - by the end of May
    Some Batch 3, 4 & Market Ready backers have already been invited to complete their final checkouts in the FitForLaunch system, and others can expect their invites soon. This is done so we can estimate demand for parts and filaments, and have them in stock when your order is due to ship. We encourage everyone to keep their shipping addresses and add-on selections as complete and up-to-date as possible to avoid processing delays.

    If you are looking for steps required to complete your order, please refer to our previous update.

    Thank you for your continued support! We hope 2019 has been treating you well so far!

    Best regards,
    The M3D Team

    November Update: Eager Enthusiast & Batch 1 Printers Are Now Shipping!

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    Nov 8, 2018 - 12:50 PM

    Dear Backers,

    As some of you are starting to receive and complete the final checkout, verifying your shipping addresses and choice of add-ons, we were able to compile a list of the most popular questions which will be addressed in this update.


    Checkout Invitations


    First thing first, all backers with Eager Enthusiast and Batch 1 orders should have received emails prompting them to finalize their order. If you backed one of those tiers and have not received the email invitation (such as if our automated email notification wound up on your spam folder or was deleted by accident), here is how you can finalize your order:

    Please note: Checkout invitations are being sent out in batches and not everyone receives them at the same time, so we appreciate your patience in awaiting the invitation email. If you have not received a checkout invitation yet, we will continue sending them out to other backer tiers later this month as earlier orders get fulfilled.



    We are now shipping Eager Enthusiast and Batch 1 Crane 3D printers. The main factors that affect your place in the queue are batch number, order date, checkout date, and preferences selected during checkout. We are unable to provide individual shipping times beyond estimated shipping start dates from the previous update, but we are working on getting everyone their printers the soonest we can. Shipping has started according to the timeline provided in the previous update (please note that months denote the start of shipping only, actual shipping times are a range and will continue throughout the coming months).

    Here is how you can check if your order is shipping soon:

    Due to a high volume of orders, the average wait time between checkout and shipping currently varies between 2-8 weeks for Batch 1 and Eager Enthusiast backers. Other batches are not shipping yet and we will update you here when they are ready. Please be patient and make sure that your information (such as shipping address and add-ons) is up-to-date and accurate at all times.

    Hardware and Software

    The hardware, as well as software/firmware and configuration of all three Crane models (Bowden, Dual and Quad) has been finalized and will remain the same going forward.

    As more and more backers receive their printers, we will make pre-sliced G-codes available, which will contain:

    One of the Crane Quad test prints has already been implemented to use our signature color skirt to showcase your printer’s capability.

    We've also included utility functions specific to loading/unloading filament on the Cranes. Our documentation has been vastly updated and customers will also be able to submit their own print profiles from various slicers.

    As some of you may have heard, M3D is finalizing a partnership with Voxelizer, a 3D printing software that we found to work best with the QuadFusion extruder and Crane Quad 3D printer. This has allowed us to do color prints with very simple and straightforward methods, and we wanted to make it accessible to our users. We were able to make an arrangement so that all M3D users will receive a free 2-month software license. We are in talks regarding the possibility of increasing the free trial to 3 months, but that is currently not a guarantee.

    The most recent version of the Voxelizer can be found at:


    You can use the following form to register your interest in using the Beta version of Voxelizer: https://voxelizer.com/compatibility. The Voxelizer team will be sending the invitations to people who express interest through the form.

    You will be asked to create a Voxelizer account and install the software, as well as agree to their terms of use (please note: these are different from M3D). We urge everyone to wait until you receive your 3D printer to activate a free 2-month license.

    The software is still beta, so you may experience some difficulties. While access to this beta license is free, it is important to note that the final software will need to be purchased. To provide users more options not requiring the purchase of new software, we'll be making some final updates to a free community-created post-processing Cura plugin that can handle color similar to Voxelizer.

    User Prints As you receive your 3D printers, we highly encourage everyone to share what you create by posting photos to Discord, Instagram, or even sending them to us at hello@printm3d.com. With Cranes, and especially Quads, being such a new 3D printer series and concept, we look forward to building an active community of users and appreciate everyone sharing their experiences. (And we’re always happy to share your work and give you a shoutout on our social media, so please do not hesitate posting your creations!) As we receive your photos, we will be building a gallery of user prints on our website.

    Documentation and Guides Together with your Crane 3D printer, you should receive a card with these important notices:

    WARRANTY: Standard manufacturer warranty has been applied to your 3D printer automatically. Extended warranty options are available at store.printm3d.com.

    MODIFICATIONS: While you are free to modify your machine, any modifications or attempted repairs that cause damage to your printer will void the warranty. POWER: Please check your power supply voltage to make sure it's correct! USER MANUAL: Please view the guides on crane.printm3d.com for any questions you may have about getting started with your new 3D printer. Crane Gitbooks have been significantly updated over the past few weeks. One of the most important sections that we recommend paying attention to is Changelog. It covers updates to the configuration, firmware, dwc version, and really anything relative to Crane software. This is where we will put any reported problems and solutions. As always, thank you for your support and have a great holiday season! Best regards, The M3D Team

    September Shipping Update

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    Sep 18, 2018 - 2:27 PM

    Hi everyone,

    Hope you all had a great summer! As we are all getting ready to enjoy the onset of Autumn and everything that comes with it, we are also getting ready to ship out your Cranes! Read on for more updates.

    Assembly Line & Manufacturing Status

    We have finished setting up our assembly line and begun assembling the first Cranes! We have all the parts for the first batches of the Cranes, and will begin with Bowden’s then move on to Duals & Quads. See below for some pictures of our assembly line and manufacturing process.

    We do not want to have a beta launch, so we are working towards making sure we have the proper user flow and instruction guides to ensure all of our users begin with a solid foundation of aggregate knowledge. Our number one goal is that when your Crane lands you have the ability to select a gcode file, hit print, and get an immediate impressive success, so you have confidence in the printer and can then work with us to get out your dream prints, knowing the machine is fully capable. This is especially important for Crane Quad users, since it is a new technology with unique properties, technical guides must be followed for success.

    We want to ensure that you have a smooth and positive user experience, so we are dedicating a lot of time to creating  a really robust and thorough collection of user guides. You will be able to access them here: https://crane.printm3d.com/.  

    Resolved Challenges & Product Changes

    Based on initial testing and feedback, we have made a few changes to our quad printhead: we made small hardware tweaks with the fan, and made the fan holders stronger and angled them inward for more symmetrical fan cooling over the print. Above all, we also noticed an issue where fan blades were breaking and getting in the way of changing your nozzle, so we moved the fan from the front to the back in order to correct this.

    Left - The updated front side of the QuadFusion head. Right - The updated back side of the QuadFusion head, the fan is internally ducted.

    Recent Prints & Timelapses

    We have been very busy testing the Cranes to put  together a process for color 3D printing, and are very excited by the results! See below for some of our most recent prints.

    You may find the files and credits for these prints here: thing:2421704, thing:31722, thing:1045223, thing:2362220, thing:2429838, & https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-miniature-lookout-tower-54889

    The Bowden has been printing beautifully so far, here are our most recent Bowden prints:


    Credit for this file goes to: @filamentfrenzy

    As well as our most recent Quad prints:

    You can find this castle print here: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-tower-of-cascades-59808



    In these timelapses, you can see the Crane Quad demonstrating some of its unique features: In the fish timelapse, the print head switches from one color filament to another, and in the frog timelapse, the QuadFusion is mixing different CMYK filaments together to create new colors!

    Checkouts and Shipping Timeline

    We will be sending out a final checkout email to all of you soon where you will be able to verify your shipping address, pay for shipping, and add accessories or add-ons (such as glass beds and filament) to your order. You will also have the ability to upgrade your printer if you originally pre-ordered one version but now want to change it, or to add a second printer to your order.

    Upon receiving our email invitation to final checkouts, please login to your FitForLaunch account  (link to https://fitforlaunch.com/login), go to “My Contributions,” and “Complete Order.” Checkout invitations will be sent out in batches and  not everyone will receive them at the same time, so we appreciate your patience in awaiting the invitation.

    We are gearing up to begin shipping out the first Bowdens in the next two weeks, and Duals and Quads will begin shortly after that. Here is our estimated timeline for when we will begin shipping each batch:

    We already have the parts for the first batch of Bowdens Duals & Quads, and the second batch of Bowdens. Parts for Bowden batch 3 and Dual batch 2 are on their way to us. Parts for Quad batch 2 and Dual batch 3 should ship out to us in October, parts for Bowden batch 4 should ship out to us in November, and parts for Quad batch 3 and Dual batch 4 should ship out to us in December. We estimate to begin shipping Bowden batch 1 in September, to begin shipping Bowden batch 2, Dual batch 1 and Quad batch 1 in October, to begin shipping Bowden batch 3 and Dual batch 2 in November, and to begin shipping Dual batch 3 and Quad batch 2 in December. We wanted to wait before providing an estimated timeline for deliveries after December. If you do not see your batch on this timeline it should ship out in January or February of 2019. We apologize for not updating you on the shipping timeline sooner. As a small company with limited resources we chose to dedicate all possible manpower to focusing on product quality, putting many hours of testing and refinement into each unit so that you have the best quality at the best price. Product affordability and accessibility has always been one of M3D’s main goals, so far no competitor has been able to match or beat us on that despite having more resources and bigger R&D budgets - so we thank you once again for your patience in awaiting the delivery and putting your faith in the Crane 3D printer!

    Thank you again for backing this project and for taking the time to read this update. Keep an eye out for the checkout email which will be coming your way soon, and stay updated in our discord channel!


    The M3D Team

    Crane Time Lapse

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    Jul 17, 2018 - 7:08 PM

    Hello Everyone, 

    We would like to share a time lapse of the Crane Quad. Enjoy!

    Shop Talk

    Posted By: M3D LLC - View: public

    May 8, 2018 - 1:31 PM

    Don't fret it you missed the Facebook Live last week, you can check it out here

    We'll be holding more of these live Q&A sessions throughout the campaign. If you're not already subscribed, be sure to join our email list and get a heads up on everything going on with us and this campaign (scroll to the bottom of this page). Talk soon!

    What An Exciting Couple of Weeks!

    Posted By: M3D LLC - View: public

    May 7, 2018 - 4:13 PM

    The Crane debuted last week and was met with a lot of excitement and curiosity. Many realize the potential of the Crane. Whether it’s a high quality, base Crane Bowden with a reputable Duet control board for an incredible price point, a Crane Dual with added features or access to the future of 3D printing with the Crane Quad, the Crane series of 3D printers is opening up a lot of conversation and investigation into the greater capabilities of 3D printing, especially at this sub-$1K price point. 

    One such example are the possibilities around a 3D printer such as the Crane Quad. We all know by now that the QuadFusion extruder head can mix filament together to create color. The prints on the launch page illustrate the ability to create colors on the fly and create gradient prints. Which, that alone and and of itself is a novel perspective for 3D printing. Since the introduction of the Crane Quad, we have been asked if it can achieve the more difficult tasks to print multiple colors on a single layer, as well as the ability to do spot color. Our response to questions like these is a resounding YES. Through model slicing, this is absolutely possible. We recently started a project which applies and mixes several colors on one layer. It’s in an early stage and is something we’re really excited to prove is possible and will be refining further. Exciting stuff, right?


    Other questions arose about color with respect to filaments, what can be achieved through four-filament mixing 3D printing and switching between colors, for example. To answer these questions, check out the 3DPrint.com article from earlier this year, or the recent Q&A Session. (and as always, for any questions you may have, come chat with us on Discord.) 

    NEW! For the Crane 3D Printer Series: Community Referral Program 

    With our lowest tier closing out soon, we’ve prepared another way to get a Crane 3D printer for a great deal. In the words of the Beatles, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” The new batch is called the Referral Batch because people who pre-order through that specific Batch will have a chance to get credit applied to their account after a friend pre-orders a Crane through their link. When this happens, everyone wins as Referrers and Friends will each split the Reward ranging from $50-$100 (dependent on printer type) between them! Whether the link is sent for the Bowden, Dual or Quad, the original Account Holder can earn FitForLaunch store credit valued at $25, $35 or $50 per friend, respectively, to be used on filament, add-ons, or even an entirely new Crane printer!

    Access your link and start sharing: 

    That's all for now. It's awesome to think we've gotten this far in a matter of weeks and want to thank everyone for their support and interest so far!