The First Batch of FitForLaunch Pre-orders are Shipped!

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Apr 11, 2018 - 9:18 AM

Dear customers,


Since we were back from the Chinese new year, more than 5 talented new members have joined the Snapmaker team! We believe we will be able to improve our products and services in a more exquisite and rapid way with the bigger team! Let’s see some more good news about production!

Delivery News

We are happy to report that the First batch shipments of FitForLaunch pre-orders were fulfilled on April 4! All the products and enclosures ordered from November 13, 2017 to January 2, 2018 were shipped. The tracking number of your Snapmaker was sent yesterday via BackerKit. In 8-14 days, your Snapmaker will arrive at your home! Yay!


Your Snapmaker is being assembled, packed and shipped:

According to the arrival time of raw materials, the delivery schedule was adjusted slightly. Here is the latest schedule:

Support Materials

Since we have made numerous improvements to the Snapmaker based on beta feedback, all the supported materials are updated according to the improvements. As soon as you receive your Snapmaker, you will be able to try all the three functions with the help of these materials.

- The Quick Start Guides in the package and on our official website are up to date, ensuring that you go smoothly with your first try of the Snapmaker.

- More and more tutorials will be released based on user demands to lower the learning curve.

- The latest software is released on our official website and the forum is open to the public for registration as well. You dont need an invitation to download the software or access the forum anymore.

You can access all the support materials at

Customer Showcases

We are amazed every time we check out the Facebook group and forum. Thank you all for sharing your fabulous works with us! We are very proud to have you in our community!

Delivery Schedule Update and More

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Mar 6, 2018 - 7:02 AM

Dear pre-order users,


We have made great progress on production since the last update. We apologize for the long wait, but we will start to ship the Snapmaker to you starting this month! Lets check out the detailed arrangement! 

Latest Delivery Schedule

Before the project started, we expected to start shipping products to pre-order users on FitForLauch in February. However, only in middle January were we informed that some of the suppliers would be on holiday for the Chinese Spring Festival for as long as one month. That means we will be short of parts for about a month and we will not be able to start the shipment in February, even though we will only be taking 10 days off.

Based on the arrival time of parts, we adjusted the delivery schedule:


BackerKit Survey

The BackerKit survey was sent to users who will be in the March batch on March 2. When you fill in the survey, please keep the following requirements in mind. If the information you provide doesn’t meet one of the requirements, the logistics company will refuse your package and your Snapmaker will not be able to deliver. The delivery of your Snapmaker will be postponed until you provide information that meets all the requirements.


1. Make sure the information you provide is complete and valid.

2. Fill in the survey in English. Users from mainland China can fill in the survey in Chinese. Users from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan must fill in the survey in English.

3. Make sure the postal/ZIP code is correct for your city.

As for add-ons, we include more choices for you. The enclosure is one of the add-ons you can add to your order in the BackerKit survey. It is not only good-looking with its aluminum frame, but also protective when CNC carving/cutting, laser engraving, or printing with ABS. Particularly, it can protect your kids or pets from the operating machine.

The design was finalized based on user feedback on our forum. We have also completed the small scale production, which verified the feasibility of production. The mass production is under way. The enclosure will be shipped with your Snapmaker if you add it to your order.

More add-ons is available in the survey:


We understand that tutorials are more helpful than other support documents, so we spent some time in shooting tutorials to help you get started with the Snapmaker when you receive it. There will be more tutorials coming on our YouTube channel!

How to Use the 3D Printer

How to Use the Laser Engraver

How to Use the CNC Carver

Customer Showcases

We are amazed every time we check out the Facebook group. Thank you all for sharing your fabulous works with us! We are very proud to have you in our community!

We are creating more possibilities for the Snapmaker than we ever imagined with your help! All the members of the Snapmaker team truly appreciate your support and encouragement. You helped us bring our idea into reality. Now the Snapmaker helps you bring your ideas into the real world. In three months, there will be more than 5,000 Snapmakers in our users hands. Its so exciting to just think about the countless possibilities of the future! Thank you again, for dreaming big with us!



Team Snapmaker

Details Matter if They Improve User Experience

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Dec 25, 2017 - 4:59 AM

Since we shipped the beta Snapmakers, we have received many positive responses about the quality and useful feedback regarding the touch screen, software and package. We have made the following improvements based upon the feedback received and all of these come with your Snapmaker FOR FREE:

Touch Screen

The beta version of the touch screen has comparatively complete features for the 3D printing function such as Change Filament, Z Offset and Jog Mode.  

However, it has fewer features for laser engraving and CNC carving, so we enriched the usage of the touch screen for these 2 functions:

² Added a Reset button to the touch screen to avoid damaging the nozzle and the heated bed during calibration. The printer records the last calibration you set. If you detach and reattach the heated bed to the Y axis and calibrate again, the nozzle may dig into the heated bed and cause damage. With the Reset button, the nozzle will be moved about 3 mm above the heated bed, ensuring no damage is caused.

² Provided more choices to set the temperature when loading filament. In the beta version, though the nozzle can be heated to 250°C for printing, it can only be heated to 200°C to load filament. Now, it can be heated to 200-250°C for both loading the filament and printing.

² Added controlling function so that you can move the 3D printing/laser/CNC module by adjusting its position in the X, Y, Z directions.

² Added a button to turn on/off the laser and CNC.

² Added the Set Origin button.


We provide free software for all the 3 functions and we are constantly improving it.


Software is a crucial element for a 3D printer. Its ability to generate G-code directly determines the result of the print. Thats why we never stop improving its slicing ability and adding more useful functions to it.

² Added Color Scheme to preview different parts of the print, such as the shell, infill and travels.

² Added Undo, Redo and Reset buttons for easier configuration.

² Added built-in models to save you time if you are not sure where you can find a model for testing.

² Added parameters such as Z Hop During Retraction and Z Hop Height for some complicated models; Added Initial Layer Height and Initial Layer Line Width to help the print stick to the heated bed.


This is new software designed for the laser engraving and CNC carving functions. Its intuitive design allows you to use it without many instructions. Especially for laser engraving, all you need is an image you like and some material that the laser engraver supports. Now, we are developing these new features for Snapmakerjs:

² Support for SVG and laser vector engraving to achieve a faster speed. It will also be able to do simple CNC vector cutting.

² It can recognize if the controller is connected to the Laser Engraving Module or CNC Carving Module and provide corresponding settings to you. Now, we are trying to combine Snapmakerjs and Snapmaker3D. It is possible that you only need to download one software application for all the 3 functions! How convenient!

File Transfer Method

We also changed the microSD card to a USB disk after comparing their advantages and disadvantages:

² The microSD card is too small and easy to lose while the USB disk is larger and easier to store.

² USB Disks are practical and reusable.

² Users can use the USB disk to upgrade the firmware of the controller if needed, reducing the effort required to upgrade it using the computer.


We received huge approval when we released the package for the beta Snapmakers. Even so, we can still improve it for a better user experience.

² Size: We redesigned how everything is organized in the package so that it is more compact and easier for users to carry.

² Heated Bed: In the old package, the heated bed was exposed and the thermistor could be damaged during delivery. As soon as we received this feedback, we decided to pack the heated bed with a plastic bag and use silica gel to protect the thermistor. The new package will reduce the possibility of damage to almost 0.

² Calibration Card: When we used the laser engraving function, we found it hard to find the focus since sometimes we cannot tell when the laser dot is the smallest. If this process is quantified, users can use the laser engraver more easily. With this in mind, we conducted some experiments and realized that we can print a 0.5 mm dot on a paper and use it to find the focus. This method is quick and accurate! So we designed a calibration card and added it to the package. Future users dont need to feel the pain of finding the focus any more.

² Connection Card: It is easy to forget to connect the module cable or heated bed after you transform the laser engraver or CNC carver back to the 3D printer. Also, the Snapmaker cannot work properly if you connect a linear module to a wrong port. Thats why we added the Connection Card to help you check the connections.

² Cable Tie: We added this accessory to better manage all the cables.

The Snapmaker is getting better and better. Improving the product during production means extra time, money and human resources. We believe it is worth the effort because we have you supporting us. We are now delivering a new batch of Snapmakers to Kickstarter backers and those supported us through the pre-order campaign. Your Snapmaker will be delivered as stated on the project page. Please stay tuned! Thank you and merry Christmas!



Team Snapmaker

Feedback from Beta Adopters

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Nov 27, 2017 - 10:37 PM

We delivered all the beta Snapmakers to our beta adopters on October 27. A few days later, some of them received the product and eagerly tried to assemble and to use the product. Various responses were sent to us regarding the assembling, usage and results. Most of them spoke highly of the product! Now, lets see some feedback collected from our Facebook group, forum and mailbox:

Easy to Assemble

Almost all the users said the assembling is easy and fun! With the help of the Quick Start Guide, a 10-year-old can assemble the product without much help!

Enjoyable to Use

One of our beta adopters shot an extraordinary video for the 3 functions. He also chose very impressive models to test our product!

Some of them are exploring the boundary of the Snapmaker. You will never know its boundary if you dont try yourself. It can always surprise you!

Inspiring to Try

Thanks to the products modular design, users can easily design a new component that is appropriate to their needs. With our creative users, building useful tools for the Snapmaker is not a dream!

You can see some of the designs on Thingiverse now: 

We are grateful for all the feedback. We also receive some feedback that can help us improve the product. The improvements will be shared in the next update. Please stay tuned!

The Snapmaker 3-in-1 3D Printer not only turns your desktop into a workshop, but also take you to a community that is full of creativity.

Pre-order the Snapmaker now. Bring your ideas into real life. Join us in the innovative community!


Team Snapmaker