Print Anything, with ​two cubic feet of build space.
MSRP: $3500.00
Current Price: $1170.00
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Print Anything, with ​two cubic feet of build space.
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MSRP: $3500.00
Large industry-focused, feature-packed, open source 3D printer.

Items Included:
  • Promega 3D Printer

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Estimated Delivery: 4 months
$910,000.00 of MSRP value claimed


American technology innovator, M3D, departs from original consumer-based business model through launch of large industry-focused, feature-packed, open source 3D printer, the PROMEGA. Boasting an impressive 15.3”-cubed build size, the printer itself is just 20”-cubed.

“Even we are in disbelief about all the features we’ve been able to pack into the Promega,” said Michael Armani, M3D CEO and co-founder. “Considering its size and all the features included in this dream of an industrial 3D printer, the Promega would have sold for $50,000 just a couple years ago; now we intend to sell it at $3,500. Our team of engineers were able to innovate the printer’s space and power efficiency in order to help owners fit the most build volume and the most printers in a given space, while significantly lowering their energy expenses.”

Some of the top features include:

  • Dual-extruder mixing nozzle with alternate options

  • COREXY motion system

  • Auto-bed leveling

  • Patent-pending, dual-zone, energy efficient heated bed

  • Rigid, all-metal frame and parts

  • Fully-enclosed with optional filtration

    The Promega’s heated bed is powerful and energy-efficient to an extreme. Leveraging a patent-pending design that includes dual-zone heating, the printer uses ⅓ less energy than standard printers when running both zones and ⅙ less energy when using one zone. This design minimizes servicing, therefore reducing labor and electrical costs.

    Tech Specs Overview:

    There will be several add-on's that will be revealed later in the campaign!

    The first add-on we can reveal is an optional filtration system.

    Prototype Gallery:

More pictures and videos are coming soon!

Like other printers from M3D, the Promega is designed, assembled and supported in the United States. The Promega industrial 3D printer will retail at $3,500 USD, but launches at $1,000 USD on pre-order platform FitForLaunch (limit one-per-person at this price tier). The Promega crowdfunding process will vary from standard experiences in that production takes place as pre-orders are coming in; not after a campaign has ended.

Within the first month, 5 Promega printers will be shipped; the next month 2 dozen printers will be shipped and in 3 months’ time, one hundred printers will be shipped. The first few units will be review units, and bulk shipments will start in 4 months. As a result of this shift in pre-order approach, pricing for the Promega will increase gradually as additional units are shipped out and more reviews are garnered within the pre-order period.

Stay tuned! Our next reveal will come soon....

Promega Launch Party

Posted By: M3D LLC - View: public

Jun 16, 2017 - 8:42 PM

The Promega launch party was a success! Thank you to everyone who came out to see the printer in person, and to Tech Shop for letting us use their space!


Here are some pictures from the event:



M3D CEO Michael Armani presenting the Promega






Our lead engineer JJ watching it print


A print from the Promega



The Promega can print up to 8 Micros!


The Micro+ inside a Promega


The Pro inside a Promega


Getting attention from people passing by while we were loading up the car

Promega G-Code Print

Posted By: M3D LLC - View: public

Jun 19, 2017 - 12:52 PM

First Promega print of a calibration cube from G-code file provided by Backer. This milestone means the Promega is ready to handle any open source-standard g-code.

Promega Auto Bed Leveling

Posted By: M3D LLC - View: public

Jun 21, 2017 - 12:53 PM

Promega prototype test of critical infrared, multi-point bed-probing for full platform leveling.

First 11" Print!

Posted By: M3D LLC - View: public

Jun 22, 2017 - 11:58 AM

Continuing to fine tune the Promega prototype. Video shows the Promega printing at 70% of its max speed limit, using ABS-R and resulting in a high-quality, 11"-tall gnome print.


Finished Print next to a Micro and a Pro!